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Welcome to the first installment of Heat Of Battle's All-Time Favorites. Along with our customers, we love these scenarios. However, we felt they needed slight tweaks for errata and balance. Thus we saw an opportunity to update them for the benefit of the gaming population.
A second reason to offer these is that they are tournament-sized scenarios. HOB has been very supportive of tournaments with prizes. At the same time, many of those same tournaments had very few HOB scenarios on their play lists. So we hope that Tournament Organizers will both ask us for donations and utilize our well-received and thoroughly play-tested scenarios.
The scenarios are *new* with updates and errata included and are the perfect size for a round. Our goals are to provide scenario choices for all of the time frames and theaters of WW2, as well as not requiring the player to own our campaign games or packs to play.
If this project proves to be successful, we will continue to update our personal ATFs and offer these as free downloads.
The ATF Scenario Cards are in our new full-color online format!
Enjoy, and win with Heat of Battle!
The guys at Heat of Battle
Download the HoB All-Time Favorites (PDF, 1.3MB) now!

For those of you that dislike the black SS counters (or have problems with the printout of these), here is the Pack with blue SS counters (PDF, 1.3MB)
Mar. 10, 2003:

Both PDF files have been updated as a small error creeped into ATF3 BEAR HUNT; the Motorcycle has been deleted and HSR 7 added.

The PDF files disagree on the number of 6-5-8 squads that the Germans get in ATF2 - One Eye to the West. They should get 4 of those squads.