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USE PAYPAL.COM for your HOB orders

Shipping and Handling is included in the prices. Due to that we now have two prices per product, one for US, and another for Overseas and Canada shipments.
We will NOT accept orders that use the wrong price!
If you're a European or Canadian customer, please use the Overseas/Canada price, otherwise we will not be able to ship your order.

We accept orders from PAYPAL.com. The procedure is simple, after you total your order, link to Paypal and follow the directions. You need to know the following information:
1. stevedeth @ comcast.net (without the spaces) - (Paypal still may use stevdeth @ incom.net, but don't e-mail there!) and
2. Steve Dethlefsen

Follow the directions at paypal and put the payment in that account.

If you are a first time user please indicate that Steve referred you.

We will get an instant E-mail notification of your order.

Then please send us an E-mail indicating your address and what you ordered, and we will process your shipment ASAP....


...now it is even simpler by using the PayPal Shopping Cart!

Simply click the appropriate "Add to Cart" button for the product you want to order (US or Overseas/Canada), and once you have all the products you want to order, then hit "Checkout". PayPal will handle the rest. It is simple, fast, and secure.

However, if you prefer the old-fashioned way via check, simply send your order (stating the Part Number below) to:

Steve Dethlefsen
525 Golf Lane
Lake Forest, IL 60045-2114
(847) 772-5668

Please include a telephone number and/or email so we can contact you in case of problems.

Part# Product US Price Overseas/Canada
041 Special Forces II $37.00
041-1 Special Forces II counter sheet:
This is the 1/4 sheet of counters that was issued with SF2.
042 Both Special Forces counter sheets:
This is a special deal for all of the counters from SF1 and SF2.
040 Long March $32.00
037 Kreta - Operation Merkur $66.00
038 Kreta HEAVY MAP UPGRADE - Heavy stock two piece map - Note MAP ONLY $21.00
027 Recon by Fire 4 $55.00
032 Recon by Fire 4
Replacement Counter Sheet
025 Recon by Fire 3 $37.00
028 Special Forces I $37.00
028-1 Special Forces I counter sheet:
This is the 1/4 sheet of LRDG/SAS counters that was issued with SF1. Not enough SAS for you? Here are some more!
029 HoB Update $30.00
004 Berlin: Red Vengeance
Limited B/W copies
without counters!
Download the Counter PDF
022 FireFights! 2 $30.00
019 Buckeyes! $25.00
001 God Save the King
(Buy "A Bridge too far" from MMP)
Sold Out
002 Blood Reef
(Buy "Blood Reef Tarawa" from MMP)
Sold Out
003 King of the Hill Sold Out
005 Fortress Cassino Sold Out
006 SS-I: No Quarter, No Glory! Sold Out
007 SS-II: The Führer's Firemen Sold Out
008 Recon by Fire 1 Sold Out
009 High Ground! Sold Out
011 GSTK Chapter Divider Set Sold Out
012 GSTK Version 4.0 Map Only Sold Out
013 SS-I: Counter Sheet Only Sold Out
014 SS-II: Counter Sheet Only Sold Out
015 Tropic Thunder Sold Out
016 SS-III Neither Fear Nor Hope Sold Out
017B OTO: Counter Sheet Only Sold Out
018 FireFights! Sold Out
021 Recon by Fire 2 Sold Out
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