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Compendium of all available downloads
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welcome to our download area. Here you will find a listing of all available downloads for our products.

SS-III "Neither Fear Nor Hope"

Q&A (PDF, 11 KB) - 03.03.2002

Berlin: Red Vengeance

B:RV & FC Counters (PDF, 1.1MB)

Fortress Cassino

B:RV & FC Counters (PDF, 1.1MB)

Onslaught to Orsha


Heat of Battles All-Time Favorites

The All-Time Favorites Scenarios are *new* with updates and errata included and are the perfect size for a round. Our goals are to provide scenario choices for all of the time frames and theaters of WW2, as well as not requiring the player to own our campaign games or packs to play.
The ATF Scenario Cards are in our new full-color online format!
Download the HoB All-Time Favorites (PDF, 1.3 MB) now!

For those of you that dislike the black SS counters (or have problems with the printout of these), here is the Pack with blue SS counters (PDF, 1.3MB)
Mar. 10, 2003:

Both PDF files have been updated as a small error creeped into ATF3 BEAR HUNT; the Motorcycle has been deleted and HSR 7 added.

The PDF files disagree on the number of 6-5-8 squads that the Germans get in ATF2 - One Eye to the West. They should get 4 of those squads.


'FireFights!' scenarios are small, intense scenarios compatible with the ASL game system or any other tactical level wargame. Each FireFight scenario comes with its own historically based 8 1/2 by 11 inch map for playing. Pit your forces against each other and against time as the FireFight! Series has only 4-5 game turns per scenario.
Check it out now!
Find more info on our FireFights! page.
FireFight Teaser (temporarily not available PDF, 1MB)
Mar. 10, 2003:
The PDF has been updated; the Map received a little work-over so it can now be used as Overlay
Download the Teaser VASL Map (ZIP, 186KB). Simply unzip the contained file "bdff9" into your VASL boards directory, start a "New Game", and select "ff9" (in VASL 4), or type in "ff9" (in VASL 3).