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Heat of Battle is ready to assist any designers out there who want their labor of love published. Note Tropic Thunder. Derek Ward an Australian living in Denmark saw his hard work published to great fanfare and glory.
Contact stevedeth @ comcast.net (without the spaces) on how to do it
Heat of Battle started in 1994 with the introduction of one of the first after market ASL items God Save the King. This jump started the interest in ASL as it was looking like the end. Next we produced Blood Reef Tarawa, BRT and God Save the King are now parts of the Official ASL line of products.
We hope to continue with our little area of ASL and according to our legal council we can. We do want the spirit of the game to continue and we will do our best to maintain a healthy relationship with all of the Players and publishers.
Thank you for all of your support over the years!
Steve Dethlefsen