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Heat of Battle stands for high-quality, truly innovative, out-of-the ordinary, most bang for the buck products.

With Steve Swann, Burnie Hegdahl, Bruce Rinehart, Andrew Hershey, and Steve Dethlefsen, Heat of Battle has an experienced and talented group of designers that have much in store for you and your hobby.



Special Forces II - War in the Aegean Sea!

The newest offering from Heat of Battle - Special Forces II is a Battle Pack with Scenarios representing the famed German Küstenjägers, compatible with the ASL® Game System or any other tactical level wargames.

The Küstenjägers definitely have a lot of special things going for them in the ASL world. They are Commandos, conduct Seaborne Assaults, use Hand-to-Hand combat, and sometimes attack in Motor Gun Boats. These are just a few of the interesting items in these scenarios set in Greece and the surrounding islands. The scenarios are quite diverse, ranging from island fighting to hill clearing.

Long March contains:

  • 6 Scenarios
  • 1/4 Countersheet
  • 1 overlay
  • 6 Pages of relevent rules for use

This product is shipping. Order your copy today and get it as soon as possible.

Counter sheets are also available separately.

Long March!

Long March will test your skills as an infantry commander with limited resources and evenly matched forces, will your skill and guile prevail?

The challenges of leading irregular troops across the open countryside will test your tactical mettle.

Long March contains:

  • 17 Scenarios
  • Historical Campaign Game linking 14 of the scenarios together in sequence

This product started shipping in late July, 2009.

Kreta - Operation Merkur

KRETA Check It Out!

A Battle Study on the German Invasion of Crete

KRETA contains:

  • Huge Color 56"x40" Historical Map featuring Maleme battle area, drawn by Tom Repetti
  • 120 full color counters
  • Chapter OM, that includes rules for new units, terrain types and weapons notes
  • Historical Campaign Game
  • 7 Historical Map Scenarios
  • 10 Geomorphic Map Scenarios

This product started shipping on February 20, 2008.

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Click here to Order the HEAVY MAP UPGRADE!


As you know the counters for Recon By Fire 4 were printed with the "traditional" back of the sheet on the "Front" of the countersheet. This detracted from these beautiful countersheets. We have worked hard to resolve this issue and are now pleased to offer the replacement countersheets.

If you already purchased RbF-4, you can get replacement counters in a few ways.

1. We can send them separately to you now by ordering through our web site. (and pay a nominal shipping and handling charge)

2. Or you can ask them to be included in your next HoB order. In that case include your Recon 4 order number in the info section of a paypal order. (at a reduced S&H charge)

You can order counters as a stand-alone sheet and have your replacement shipped in the next product. We are working on two projects immediately for release in the next few months, and will remind you of your options.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and hope you understand our need to handled the situation as outlined.

Recon by Fire - Issue 4

RbF 4 Check It Out!

Recon by Fire 4, Germany's Captured Vehicles Special Edition, is available for order!

The content includes:

  • 14 scenarios
  • Countersheet with 176 counters
  • Applicable Chapter H
  • DASL map BF1
  • DASL Rubble overlays
  • APC Player Aid v2
  • Several articles

This issue focuses on the German use of captured Russian vehicles; however, a variety of scenarios are included.

This project is complete and started shipping in December 2006.

Special Announcement!!

Due to a few technical errors, we would like to offer up an updated copy of two FireFight Scenarios for free. For those players out there who helped us pinpoint and compile the errata corrections, thanks again. For all the other players out there, enjoy the rewards of those efforts.

Once again, we strive to achieve Zero Errors in our products, but the errors still occasionally do happen. Thanks to all for your patience and support.

Click here to download the corrected FF10, Castle Keep scenario card.

Click here to download the corrected FF11, Out of Ethiopia scenario card, and here for the FF11 map.

Check our Support Forum at GameSquad for updates and announcements, and you provide your feedback and suggestions.

Since August 2004, Heat of Battle has sponsored the unofficial ASL Forums at GameSquad. Check it out!

Shipping and Handling is now included in the prices. Due to that we now have two prices per product, one for US and Canada, and another for Overseas shipments.
We will NOT accept orders that use the wrong price!
If you're a European customer, please use the Overseas price, otherwise we will not acknowledge your order.
Lock'n'Load - the Game

FireFights! 2

FF2 - check it out!

This exciting Scenario Series continues!

It is once again Fast, Furious, and Hot

The FireFights! scenarios are small, intense actions compatible with the ASL game system or other tactical level wargames. Variety and re-playability are key components of FireFights 2. The fog of war and variety remains high with variable reinforcement groups. Each scenario also comes with its own historically based map which also serves as a half board overlay. The half board overlays are compatible with boards 1, 14, 19, 26-31, 33. Designed for those that love a great game that can be played in one week-night setting, while they pit the opposing forces against each other and against time as the FireFight! Series has only 4-5 game turns per scenario.

Check it out now!
FireFights! 2

Download your own rulebook cover

Click here to see a larger image

The German Grenadier ASL Tournament offered wonderful ASL Rulebook Binders for their tourney participants.

We think these covers are just too nice to be for them Europeans only and provide you with the PDF files for you to download and print. You can download the:

High-quality version (PDF, 14MB) right here.

Recon by Fire - Issue 3

RbF 3 Check It Out!

Recon by Fire 3, the Axis Minors Special Edition, is available for order!

The content includes:

  • 20 scenarios
  • Historical articles on the Armies and OoBs of some of the Axis Minors
  • Numerous analyses on both RBF3 and AOO scenarios
  • Other articles

The Axis Minors Special Edition provides a wide variety of scenarios featuring the Axis Minor belligerents. Forces represented in actions include: Germans, Russians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Romanians (Axis), Romanians (Allied), and Partisans, as well as a mix of multiple forces in some scenarios.


The 37th (Buckeye) Infantry Division on New Georgia and Bougainville in 1943-44 The Pacific Theater at its Best!

A Battle Pack with 10 brand new Pacific Theater Scenarios compatible with the ASL® Game System or any other tactical level wargames.

Check it out now!

Playtesters wanted

We're looking for dedicated playtesters for our Kampfgruppen Commander.

FireFights! Designer Package

If you're interested in designing a FireFights scenario, or even a whole FireFights pack, you can download the FireFights! Designer Package and you're ready to start!


A new Scenario Series is born!

It is New, Fast, Furious and Hot!

'FireFights!' scenarios are small, intense scenarios compatible with the ASL game system or any other tactical level wargame. Each FireFight scenario comes with its own historically based 8 1/2 by 11 inch map for playing. Pit your forces against each other and against time as the FireFight! Series has only 4-5 game turns per scenario.
Check it out now!


New Online Scenario Format

The creative team of Heat of Battle has devised a new format for our free online scenarios. Starting with the HoB All-Time Favorites all scenarios offered here on the website for free download will be in the new full-color online format.

The scenario cards feature fully colored counter clip art, nationality symbols, and a colored border.

Heat of Battle is dedicated to bringing you the best in tactical scenarios for your favorite WWII tactical wargame. We have a proven track record of having interesting and balanced situations. We have built a reputation of customer service, historical accuracy, and high excitement levels to enhance your limited gaming time.

We are gamers and invite you to join the team with submissions..
Our contact information is:
Steve Dethlefsen
525 Golf Lane
Lake Forest, IL